MK Engineering

Steelsafety Systems

A unique edge protection system for steel framed buildings

Working at height on steel frame buildings requires strict safety systems. Temporary guard rails offer security for workers by offering fall prevention. The ability to add additional toe boards offers additional safety for ground workers in the event of dropped tools or materials. The unique mounting system can be erected easily and removed for re-use on other projects and job sites. This easily portable system ensures maximum safety for your workers and cost effectiveness for your budgets.

The MK designed and patented Steelsafety System is a bespoke three rail edge protection system for use during the construction of steel framed buildings. It will fit virtually any configuration of building and it needs no on-site adjustment to fit. Because of the unique bracing and attachment system it can be attached midspan between columns and can also be cantilevered out to provide up to 1500mm of roof overhang without having to use scaffolders to install.

  • No tools required for installation
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Reconfigurable and reusable components
  • Suitable for use with virtually any steel framed building
  • Easily transportable from site to site
  • High visibility powder coating
  • Designed and tested to exceed BS EN 13374
    (Temporary edge protection systems)