MK Engineering

Hatchsafety Systems

A purpose built access hatch to save you time and money

This purpose designed product is utilised to provide safe access between floors prior to staircase installation and for emergency access requirements. Once again, it’s going to save you time and money as it takes minutes to install and will be used many times over, the cost saving compared to a temporary wood construction for every house is colossal.

It fits between the floor joists and can be opened from either the top or bottom, it has integral ladder stay attachments for increased safety. As there is no specific BS-EN specification for this particular product it has been tested in accordance with BS EN 1004:2004 Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements. The rationale being that towers often have access apertures within platforms which are subject to this specification. There are 3 sets of criteria which are relevant to hatchsafety namely size and strength and are as follows

Test 1 A force of 1.5kN to be applied on an area of 0.5m x 0.5m

Test 2. A force 1.0kN to be applied on an area of 0.2m x 0.2m

Test 3. Access hatches must have a minimum clear opening of 0.4m wide x 0.6m long.

Hatchsafety has been tested to these criteria and is fully compliant, in addition a force of 2.5kN has been applied with no permanent deflection.

  • No tools required for assembly (other than a screw driver)
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Non-slip tread pattern
  • Re-usable
  • Aluminium construction
  • High visibility powder coating
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 1004:2004 Mobile Access