MK Engineering

Solutions for fall prevention

MKE Services Limited, design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of cost effective, modular and interchangeable fall prevention systems for both the construction and haulage industries. Our systems are specifically engineered for compliance with stringent British Standards BS EN 13374 which specifically mandates temporary edge protection, the BS EN 1004 2004 covering class A stairways, and BS 2037 which prescribes safety standards for lightweight stagings.

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Falls from height cause serious injuries to employees in the construction and haulage industries. These injuries ultimately cost companies money in health care costs, and furthermore in lost productivity whilst employees are recovering.

We provide top quality safety systems that offer exceptional leading edge protection to prevent falls. MKE Services offers safety systems for all applications: wood frame buildings, concrete buildings and steel construction. The modular and interchangeable temporary safety systems use telescopic rails for flexibility to fit any application, and the temporary guard rails can be re-used when a job or project is completed. Our products save time, save money and save lives.